Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Why I walk

Well, I did it again. I walked 60 miles this weekend in Chicago with about 1,600 other people in Susan G. Komen's 2010 Chicago 3-Day Walk for the Cure.

During the closing ceremony on Sunday, some participants were joined on-stage by the people that motivated them to walk. A woman carrying a "For my friend" flag was joined by her friend, a woman who was obviously pregnant and obviously going through chemotherapy. Another woman, perhaps in her 60's, was joined by her daughter who wore a pink survivor's shirt. This moment gave me an opportunity to reflect on my own motivation to walk.

It's actually a question that I am asked often. Those who know me well know that when I signed up for my first 3-day last year I had no real personal connection to the cause. I had not had a grandmother, mother, aunt, sister or friend diagnosed with breast cancer. I have never watched someone fight the disease. And while during this last year I learned that my college roommate, with whom I had basically lost contact, was diagnosed with breast cancer, I cannot say that she is the reason I keep walking.

I walk for those people on Sunday's stage. I walk because I had no personal connection to the cause. I walk because a breast cancer diagnosis of my mother, my sister, my friends would undo me. I walk for those people that have had to endure such a fate (and fight). To quote a t-shirt I saw this weekend, "I walk to support the fighters, to honor the survivors and to remember the taken." I walk for the person who wrote on Chicago's rememberance tent, "Grandma, please take care of Mom in heaven." I walk so that no one else will ever have to utter such a sentiment. I walk to end breast cancer.

The walk is amazing and I'll try to get back to post about what a wonderful time I had doing it with friends (old and new), but I want to dedicate this post to those for whom I walk: anyone diagnosed with or taken by breast cancer and those who love them.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Pool for the Cure Winners!

Board 1:

1st quarter - Stacy Tharp
2nd quarter - Carolyn Nolen
3rd quarter - Bill Igyarto
Final - Pam Frost

Board 2:

1st quarter - Gil Tovar
2nd quarter - Jerey Mortimer
3rd quarter - Della Harris
Final - Teri McCloud

Thank you to all who participated!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Super Bowl Pool for the Cure

OK, so obviously it's been a while since I posted anything. But I came back for a good reason...

Last year two girlfriends and I participated in the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk. It was an incredible experience - so moving that we got home & signed right up for 2010! We came away so enthusiastic about our experience that we've already doubled our team - Newbies for Boobies (our 2009 team) is now Boobalicious Babes and has 6 members!

Because each walker has to raise at least $2300 to participate in the walk, our team will be doing a number of fundraisers before August. Our first for 2010 was a Super Bowl Pool. Together, we sold 200 squares on 2 boards, raising $4,000. We'll pay out $2,000 to winners and put $2,000 toward our collective $13,800 goal.

So, without further ado, here are the boards:

Board 1

Board 2

Friday, March 6, 2009

Madeline is 1!

Actually, Madeline is now 13 months, but better late than never.

For Madeline's birthday she had two cakes: Madeline's first cake was on her birthday, with family, and for her party, the Saturday after her birthday, she had a second cake.

This is the second cake.

Yep, that is cake in her hair. The buttercream frosting was frustratingly resistant to shampoo.

Is there more underneath?

Yep, this one is delicious too!

Madeline's sister got to her cake before I could get a picture.

This was the first cake.

Delicious! Why don't we have this everyday?

Ha ha! The mess I have made and can't be expect to clean up.

Surely, a whole fistful of cake is better than just a bite.


She just knew this was going to be good.
On Madeline's birthday, Mallory, Mason, Samantha, Madeline & I went to the Kohl Children's Museum. The kids love it!

Madeline with her Auntie Mal

A mirror - hours of entertainment.

Mason is quite the shopper!

Samantha stocked up on all fruits & vegetables.

My big girl.

I suck at blogging

What I failed to realize when I started this blog as a means of getting current pictures of the girls somewhere where friends and family could see them, was that there was work involved. Blogging is no easier than printing the photos and mailing them (which I wasn't doing either).

Anyway, nearly 6 months after my last post, here I go again...

Oh, great. Exhibitionists.

OK, Mummy. NOW you can have a hug.


Princess Samantha

I know. Aren't I adorable?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Madeline

One week from Saturday (10/4) Madeline will be 8 months. Where is the time going?

Patiently sitting with Mummy while Samantha fishes with Daddy.
Demonstrating her perfect posture

What a happy baby!

Trying out the swings

Madeline, unlike her sister, LOVES the camera.

I'm going to the jungle, Mummy.

A few weeks ago Samantha dons this hat, grabs her "spelling wand", slips on my heels and announces, "I'm going to the jungle, Mummy."

Can YOU think of more appropriate shoes for the jungle?

One cannot be caught in the jungle without a cell phone.

Yes, she can walk in them.

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